Vaccine Partner Valneva receives FDA approval for the World’s first chikungunya vaccine using Albumedix’ Recombumin®

The FDA on 10th November 2023 announced the approval of IXCHIQ®, Valneva’s vaccine against the chikungunya virusNotably, this is the first vaccine against the mosquito-borne disease to have been granted marketing approval by the FDA.

Recombumin® recombinant human albumin is included as an excipient in the final formulation of IXCHIQ®. Recombumin® supports the stability of the vaccine, acting as a logistical enabler, conferring temperature stability benefits, permitting the global distribution of this world-first vaccine.

Responding to the announcement, Albumedix’ CEO, Mr Jonas Skjødt Møller said, “Recombumin® is a multifunctional tool for the life sciences, refined through 40 years of research and development it builds upon the natural qualities of human albumin. In this application, as an excipient in the final formulation, Recombumin® benefits the logistics associated with the product. We are, therefore, exceptionally proud to have our product play a role in the delivery of this world first. The expansion in the number of approved vaccines and biopharmaceuticals using Recombumin® is a testament to the safety and quality of the product we produce.”


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