ChickP Protein’s Chickpea Isolate Redefines Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives with Revolutionary Cheese Analogues

ChickP Protein, Ltd. has unveiled its groundbreaking cheese analogues, cream cheese and firm cheddar, made from its proprietary chickpea isolate. The innovative formulations are highly nutritious and provide the same sensory and nutritional attributes as real dairy cheese.

ChickP’s chickpea isolate, a powerful and nutritional ingredient with a 90% whole protein composition, forms the base of these plant-based cheese alternatives. The neutral flavor and clean-label properties of the chickpea isolate make it a versatile ingredient for creating a range of plant-based foods.

The demand for plant-based cheese products continues to grow exponentially, and ChickP’s breakthrough formulations could help manufacturers fast-track customization and meet consumers’ cravings for a delicious cheesy experience. ChickP’s expanding line of plant-based alternative prototypes, including egg-free mayonnaise, ice-cream, and chickpea-based barista coffee creamer, highlights the functional versatility of ChickP’s ingredient.

As the alternative protein industry continues to evolve, ChickP is at the forefront of providing raw materials, recipes, and technical expertise to traditional dairy manufacturers and alternative dairy producers looking to enter the market. The chickpea isolate is a game-changer in the plant-based food industry and could lead to a new era of nutritious and delicious plant-based foods.


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