VOBBLE Introduces Innovative, Multi-Sensory Audio Experiences for young kids: A Screen-Free Revolution for Parents!

VOBBLE - A Screen-Free Audio Platform for Kids

In a world where screen-time far exceeds recommended limits, an innovative solution has emerged from the minds of two mothers, Neha and Sowmya. Driven by the concern for their own children’s screen use, particularly during the COVID pandemic, they created VOBBLE, a groundbreaking multi-sensory audio platform designed specifically for children aged 4-10 years.

A recent study from the University of Albany, published by JAMA Pediatrics, alarmingly discloses that a staggering 87% of children exceed daily screen-time recommendations. The potential damage to their mental health, emotional stability, and physical development is of growing concern to parents and professionals alike. The question remains – how do we compete with the allure of screens? VOBBLE is the answer.

VOBBLE, a captivating and screen-free alternative, steps in to fill this void with immersive audio experiences that stimulate the imagination of young kids. It combines immersive soundscapes, engaging dialogues, and authentic children’s voices to transport young listeners into a world of discovery and learning. The content, updated weekly, includes a diverse range of story series, music, knowledge and skill-based content, promising an endless stream of excitement and learning.

This innovative product goes beyond traditional audio content. Kids can independently engage with VOBBLE through specially designed, volume-limiting headphones, providing a safe auditory experience. The addition of tactile, visual multi-sensory activities that align with the audio content adds an extra layer of interaction, resulting in high adoption and engagement.

CEO Neha Sharma shares “Vobble is the brainchild of mine and Sowmya’s personal concerns as mothers. We thrilled about having it live now! We’re total believers in multi-sensory learning—At Vobble, we’re on a mission to treat kids to a variety of audio stories, weekly audio news, music, and more! We want to enrich their minds and spark endless joy and curiosity!” 

“Our extensive research highlights the power of multi-sensory learning with audio at its core. This sparks kids’ creativity and aids imagination. Our events prove kids engage for over 30 minutes, fully immersed!” Adds Sowmya Jagannath Chief Product Officer at Vobble.

Vobble ensure that the content meets the highest standards of creativity, imagination, and educational relevance. With unique and captivating original series along with collaborations with esteemed Indian and global publishers like HarperCollins, Amar Chitra Katha, Tulika, and Pickle Yolk Books.

VOBBLE’s starter-pack offering includes child-friendly headphones, engineered with volume-limiting controls and a built-in frequency curve to ensure safe listening. It comes with engaging activity books and access to a user-friendly app, allowing parents to monitor their child’s progress. All these, priced at INR 3500, are available at Vobble.fun.

VOBBLE invites you to join this revolutionary shift from screen to sound, opening a door to a world where children’s imaginations can truly take flight.

Experience the magic of VOBBLE, where the joy of discovery and learning meets screen-free entertainment.

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