Melodea’s Sustainable Barrier Coating Boosts Food Packaging Recyclability

MelOx NGen sustainable barrier coating for plastic food packaging.

A transformative change is sweeping the packaging industry, driven by Melodea, Ltd., a frontrunner in sustainable barrier coatings production. Their newest brainchild, MelOx NGen™, brings a fresh perspective to the sector by enhancing the recyclability of plastic food packaging and presenting a tangible solution to plastic waste reduction.

MelOx NGen™ employs nature’s own resources, being derived from plants, and stands as a water-based coating purposed for numerous plastic food packaging forms. Upholding food quality and safety, it seamlessly complies with both FDA and BfR regulations for food contact.

With its launch, MelOx NGen™ offers a much-needed alternative to petroleum-derived EVOH and met-PET plastics. It ushers in an era of sustainable packaging that not only reduces single-use plastic consumption but also aids in achieving recycling targets, such as those outlined in the EU’s Plastic Waste Directive.

With the world grappling with surging EVOH demand and consequent price hikes, MelOx NGen™ comes as a boon, providing a sustainable solution that can be directly applied to the plastic, eliminating the need for primers.

Highlighting its potential for a far-reaching impact on the packaging industry, MelOx NGen™ has found its place as a finalist in the renowned Sustainability Awards 2023. As the world increasingly turns to eco-friendly alternatives, MelOx NGen™ is all set to play a significant role in defining the future of plastic packaging and recycling.


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