Transform Your Sleep Experience with Magnicool Mattress by Magniflex India

Magnicool mattress with cooling technology

If the sweltering summer heat is keeping you up at night, Magniflex India has the solution. Introducing Magnicool mattress – a groundbreaking product that promises not just cooler but also more comfortable sleep.

The Magnicool mattress features Japanese fabric technology that promotes air circulation and keeps a balanced microclimate between your body and the mattress. Certified by OEKO-TEX® and ACA, and proven by the Q-Max test, Magnicool guarantees an instant cooling sensation.

Dr. Shankar S. Biradar, Medical Director at Trust-in Hospital, Bangalore, speaks highly of Magnicool, highlighting the essential role body temperature plays in sleep quality and how Magnicool’s fabric helps regulate it.

Additionally, the Magnicool mattress is built with quilted memoform material, super soft fiber, and hypoallergenic fiber padding, ensuring maximum comfort and body contour adaptation.

Magniflex India is also offering the Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP), making it easier for customers to purchase the mattress through EMI options.

Experience the future of sleep with Magnicool – where coolness and comfort come together for the ultimate sleep experience.


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