Nature’s Might Vs Human Resilience: Save Earth Mission Gears Up for Cyclone Biporjoy

Save Earth Mission Logo - Cyclone Biporjoy Advisory

In an epic clash between nature’s fury and human resilience, Save Earth Mission sets forth a path to combat Cyclone Biporjoy.

Save Earth Mission’s advisory for Cyclone Biporjoy is akin to a battle plan, as humanity braces for nature’s onslaught.

Drinking water storage is the first line of defense. The importance of this was seen during the Cyclone Ockhi in 2017, where communities faced acute water shortages.

Emergency lighting is next. Save Earth Mission recommends torches and candles. This is reminiscent of the 1999 Odisha cyclone, where people were left in darkness for days.

Stocking non-perishable food items is the sustenance strategy. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017 showed us how essential food stockpiles are.

Keeping communication lines open is akin to maintaining supply lines in a battle. Mobile phones and power banks should be charged.

Safety measures like securing solar panels and parking vehicles safely are essential to minimize damage.

Lastly, as in any battle, caring for the wounded is vital. Stocking up on medicines and first-aid kits is essential.

Save Earth Mission’s advisory is a testament to human resolve in the face of nature’s wrath.


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