A New Era in Brain Aneurysm Treatment: Narayana Health’s Groundbreaking Speed Achievement

Representational image of the pioneering medical team at Narayana Health.

In a defining moment for global healthcare, Narayana Health, one of India’s leading healthcare providers, achieved a monumental medical breakthrough by performing the world’s fastest deployment of a flow diverter stent in the brain’s blood vessel for treating a brain aneurysm.

The patient, a 47-year-old, presented with multiple intracranial aneurysms, with one of them having ruptured and caused internal bleeding in the brain. The team at Narayana Health, led by Dr. Vikram Huded, a Senior Neuro-interventionist at NH Institute of Neuroscience, sprung into action.

What sets this medical procedure apart is the exceptional speed at which it was performed. Typically taking an hour, this team completed the deployment in just two and a half minutes. This is the fastest deployment of this particular flow diverter stent recorded worldwide.

The flow diverter stent is an advanced device that is placed across the aneurysm’s origin. It obstructs the blood from entering the aneurysm while allowing the blood to flow through the artery, which eventually leads to the aneurysm shrinking in size.

This monumental achievement was acknowledged by the company behind the device as the fastest recorded deployment globally. Dr. Huded, reflecting on the accomplishment, said, “We deployed an advanced type of flow-diverter device, and it is also the first time this device is used in India.”

This medical marvel not only establishes Narayana Health as a pioneer in healthcare but also opens up new avenues for treating brain aneurysms and potentially saving countless lives.


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