Tampa General Hospital Named One of Newsweek’s Best Smart Hospitals for 2024

Tampa General Hospital Exterior

Tampa General Hospital (TGH) has been recognized as one of the World’s Best Smart Hospitals for 2024 by Newsweek and Statista. This prestigious global accolade is a testament to Tampa General’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to enable world-class patient care, improve care coordination and streamline hospital operations.

“As a leading academic health system, driving innovation is essential to our commitment to providing world-class care,” said John Couris, president and CEO of Tampa General Hospital. “This recognition demonstrates our team’s focus on adopting forward-thinking advancements in technology to maximize new approaches. The end result is better treatments and outcomes for patients now and long into future.”

The World’s Best Smart Hospitals 2024 rankings showcase the top 330 hospitals globally that are at the forefront of smart health care technologies. This recognition is the result of a comprehensive evaluation process that encompassed recommendations from more than 2,000 hospital managers and medical professionals across 28 countries.

Tampa General’s journey to world-class care is guided by its vision of technology as a crucial element in delivering excellence. In the past year, the academic health system has implemented predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

One standout example of Tampa General’s success in this realm is its partnership with GE Healthcare and the utilization of the CareComm command center. Similar to air traffic control, CareComm functions as a command center for patient care consistently gathering thousands of data points to provide insights, identify trends and drive decisions.

In 2022, Tampa General partnered with Palantir, a leading analytics platform to employ artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to augment critical decision-making on the front lines. Both GE and Palantir have been instrumental in the development and execution of Tampa General’s early warning system for the prevention and treatment of sepsis, a potentially life-threatening response to an infection in the body that can move with lightning speed.

Clinical data was aggregated to predict the onset of sepsis and prioritize the activation of a rapid-response team intervention. The predictive analytics algorithm monitors real-time information from Tampa General’s electronic health record (EHR) and uses weighted rules-based logic to flag patients at high risk for sepsis.

As a result of this effort, the academic health system has seen a dramatic reduction in mortality from sepsis in patients admitted to the hospital. The mortality rate due to sepsis was reduced by 3% — which accounts for close to 200 lives saved since implementation.

“We’re honored to have earned a place among Newsweek’s World’s Best Smart Hospitals 2024. I attribute this recognition to the continuous innovation driven by our team,” said Scott Arnold, executive vice president and chief information officer at Tampa General Hospital. “The latest technologies taking the health care industry by storm — whether artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, telehealth, or something else — are the future of how we can better support our team members and deliver the best care possible to our community.”


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