The Role of Expertise and Teamwork in Heart Transplant: A Case Study from Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai

Medical team at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai performing a heart transplant surgery

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai has recently conducted its eighth successful heart transplant, offering a valuable case study for medical professionals and students in the field. The patient, a 40-year-old man, was diagnosed with Amyloidosis, a rare condition that led to his heart failure.

The hospital was informed about a brain-dead individual at a South Mumbai hospital, and the team immediately started preparations for the heart transplant. With a meticulous effort from the medical team and the assistance of the traffic control police, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, the donor heart was transported to Apollo via a green corridor in just 46 minutes.

Dr. Sanjeev Jadhav, Consultant, CVTS, Heart & Lung Transplant Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, commended the team’s efforts. “The intricate heart transplant surgery, spanning over four hours, is a testament to our team’s precision and expertise. The patient is now in the recovery phase in the heart transplant ICU, demonstrating remarkable progress every day,” he said.

This successful case study highlights the importance of teamwork, expert skills, and swift decision-making in healthcare, offering valuable insights to aspiring medical professionals.


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