Innovative Approach to Child Mental Health: LISSUN Welcomes Dr. Roma Kumar

Dr. Roma Kumar joining LISSUN team

Taking an innovative approach to child mental health, LISSUN, one of India’s leading mental health platforms, has announced the collaboration with the acclaimed psychologist, Dr. Roma Kumar. This partnership marks a significant move towards creating innovative solutions to address the mental health needs of children and adolescents in India.

Since its launch in 2021, LISSUN has been making strides in the mental health sector with its unique technology-driven platform. By joining forces with Dr. Kumar, LISSUN seeks to leverage her vast experience and knowledge to bring a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to child mental health care.

Tarun Gupta, Co-Founder of LISSUN, expressed his excitement about the collaboration. “We are delighted to welcome Dr. Roma Kumar to our team. Her remarkable expertise and broad experience in child mental health will be instrumental in our mission to deliver innovative and accessible mental health services. We aim to harness her insights and our platform’s technology to create a substantial positive impact on the mental well-being of children and teenagers.”

The collaboration includes developing specialized protocols for Child Development Interventions and Services, facilitating training programs for psychologists, and setting up Phygital child development centers. These initiatives highlight LISSUN’s dedication to bringing innovative solutions to the fore in the mental health care sector.


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