Major UK Pharmacies Adopt PocDoc’s Digital Health Platform for Cholesterol Testing

PocDoc app on a smartphone held by a pharmacist

In a significant development, Cambridge-based digital health platform PocDoc has announced its partnership with four major UK community pharmacy chains, including Knights Pharmacy Group, Weldricks Pharmacy Group, Greenlight Pharmacy Group, and Lincolnshire Co-op Pharmacy. This collaboration grants PocDoc access to over 300 locations nationwide.

The PocDoc app provides a comprehensive cardiovascular Health Check pathway, which includes a quantified, lab-grade five-marker lipid test that delivers results within 10 minutes. The app also gathers essential information such as blood pressure and BMI, displaying the data in a health dashboard.

The UK’s Company Chemist Association estimates that pharmacies can prevent up to 15,000 heart attacks and strokes in the next three years by focusing on cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention measures. PocDoc aims to increase access to cholesterol testing by partnering with community pharmacies, targeting areas of health inequality.

PocDoc recently secured a major round of investment from Forward Partners, MMC Ventures, and Simplyhealth, one of the UK’s leading health insurance providers. In addition to its growing pharmacy customer base, PocDoc has been awarded two major NHS contracts to increase cholesterol testing access in non-traditional environments, such as at home, on the high street, and in other community settings.

Steve Roest, CEO of PocDoc, expressed excitement over the company’s expansion in community pharmacy, emphasizing the crucial role pharmacies play in increasing access to cardiovascular screening and improving public health.


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