Gabather files two new patent applications to secure novel findings on the effects of GT-002 for the treatment of psychiatric disorders

A researcher in a lab examining EEG/fMRI results on a computer screen, symbolizing Gabather AB's innovative research in psychiatric disorders treatment.

Gabather AB (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: GABA) today reports that two new US provisional patent applications based on novel findings from the EEG/fMRI target engagement study with GT-002, a selective positive allosteric GABAA-receptor modulator. The inventions relate to the medical use of GT-002 in psychiatric disorders.

The claims based on inventions from the results from our EEG/fMRI target engagement study are both novel and unexpected and will strengthen Gabather’s intellectual property right (IPR) position in the field of GABAA receptor modulators, and the medical use of GT-002. Our IPR strategy is to build layers of patents around our drug products, generating a strong and attractive IPR position for the products that generates an extended patent protection of the drug product. Gabather has an active portfolio of patents and patent applications covering key products and methods that create significant value to the company, giving Gabather the freedom to operate, product differentiation, as well as a strong negotiation position in potential agreement negotiations.

“When approved by USPTO these patent’s will further strengthen our drug products and market position, giving Gabather a strong competitive advantage in providing the next generation neuropsychiatric drugs to the patients. We will move forward into clinical trials in patients and identify the right partner for the continued development of GT-002” says Michael-Robin Witt, CEO of Gabather AB.


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