Cleanliness Crusaders: The Hygiene India’s #THIMovement Empowers Communities to Champion Holistic Hygiene

Lord’s Mark Industries, a distinguished and multifaceted business group, is spearheading a movement to transform India’s approach to hygiene and cleanliness with The Hygiene India platform. The platform, which aspires to become the country’s leading health and hygiene product brand, provides all-inclusive solutions for home, health, personal, and environmental hygiene.

In support of this visionary initiative, Lord’s Mark Industries has launched the #THIMovement campaign to build a powerful network of Hygiene Enthusiasts within the THI Community. This community connects individuals, organizations, and businesses who are passionate about fostering a comprehensive hygiene culture, providing them with resources and support to promote hygiene and cleanliness in their communities.

The #THIMovement campaign has quickly gained momentum, thanks in part to endorsements from numerous social media influencers who have helped it reach around 1.2 million people. The campaign’s tagline, Hygiene se Samjhota Nahi Karega India, highlights the importance of committing to holistic hygiene practices.

Naitik Vyas, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of The Hygiene India, stresses the significance of holistic hygiene and invites everyone to contribute to the campaign. Reflecting on the past, Vyas said, “Exactly 3 years ago, we were all facing the first lockdown and realized how important it is to take care of holistic hygiene. It is not just about you, but about us and the community as a whole.” The Hygiene India platform, backed by Lord’s Mark Industries, showcases a variety of affordable, high-quality products from brands like MarkoSafeTM, SafeSehatTM, OceanDropTM, and SafeLiteTM. The #THIMovement campaign and The Hygiene India platform aim to transform India’s hygiene landscape by making it accessible and affordable for all.


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