Heart Transplant team at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai gives new lease of life to a 40 -year old patient

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, a JCI accredited, quaternary care hospital completed a critical heart transplant of Mr. Navnath Jarhad, a 40-year-old patient from Nashik with a complaint of heart failure. The patient also had a history of heart, lung, kidney, and liver failure with complaints of massive weight loss and water logging in the abdomen (Ascites), and bilateral water logging around both lungs. The patient received the organ from another private hospital in western region of Mumbai, where the organ was transported from KDH Andheri West to Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai through a green corridor. After five hours of complex procedure by Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai’s cardiothoracic team, the patient’s heart transplant was successful and his vitals stabilized.  

The 40-year-old patient experienced heart failure 2years ago due to Ischemic cardiomyopathy. In January 2022, he also underwent triple-vessel angioplasty. In September this year, he was highly symptomatic and in critical need of treatment. He was taken to the ICU due to heart, lung, liver, and kidney failure. He couldn’t walk more than 100 meters and couldn’t sleep well at night.  

Dr.Sanjeev Jadhav, Chief Cardiac Surgeon, and Director Heart Lung Transplant at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai: “The patient suffered from multiple organ failure. He also had severe shortness of breath, severe swelling in both legs and face, massive water logging in the belly (Ascites), and bilateral water logging around both lungs (pleural effusion). He was at a high risk of morbidity and mortality. Nevertheless, he wanted to get treated as his health condition was affecting his lifestyle and family significantly. He got his heart from a 22year old cadaveric donor and the transplant was successfully done. After the transplant, his other vital organs started working properly and his recuperating well.”  

The clinical team was led by Dr. Sanjeev Jadhav (CVTS & Heart Transplant) & included Dr. Nirmal Kolte (Apollo Hospitals, Nashik), Dr Shantesh Kaushik (CVTS Consultant), Dr Gunadhar Padhi (Consultant ICU) Dr. Saurabh Tiwari (Consultant Anesthesia), Mr. Akash (Perfusionist), Mr. Uday (Perfusionist), Mr. Vivek (Surgical Assistant), Miss Jo Thomas (Cardiac nurses), Miss Swapnali (Cardiac nurses), Miss Surekha (Cardiac nurses) 

Mr. Santosh Marathe, Regional CEO Western Region, Apollo Hospitals: “This is the 7th successful heart transplant at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai. Heart transplant is itself a unique situation. Multiple organ failure indicated minimal chances of survival. Our team was able to execute the operation despite significant challenges. The patient’s condition has now improved.  His quality of life has been dramatically enriched, and he has resumed his usual activities. At our hospital, multiple complex liver, kidney & heart transplant cases for domestic & international patients are conducted. We have a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team ensuring good clinical outcomes” 

For more information, visit: https://mumbai.apollohospitals.com/


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