Cytek® Biosciences Opens New Facility to Address Increasing Global Demand for Cutting-Edge Cell Analysis Solutions

Cytek Biosciences Wuxi Facility

Cytek Biosciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTKB), a leading cell analysis solutions company, announced today that it has opened a new 50,000-square-foot facility in Wuxi, China. This strategic move increases the company’s manufacturing capacity to meet the growing worldwide demand for comprehensive cell analysis solutions.

The Wuxi facility offers the advantage of fostering unique vendor relationships and further facilitates Cytek to manufacture its own components, distinguishing the company from other industry players. In addition to bolstering Cytek’s manufacturing capabilities, the facility also accommodates Cytek Wuxi operations, research and development, marketing, human resources, and sales teams.

Recognized as a pioneer in spectral flow cytometry, Cytek is the creator of the first commercialized fluorescence-based flow cytometry platform to achieve 40 colors – effectively shifting the paradigm of what scientists thought was possible in flow cytometry. Cytek’s portfolio of comprehensive solutions empower scientists, allowing them to go even further with their research – all with greater ease and shorter time to insights.

Cytek’s products portfolio include the Cytek Aurora™ and Cytek Northern Lights™ cell analyzers, Cytek Aurora™ CS cell sorter, Amnis® and Guava® instruments, Cytek Orion™ reagent cocktail preparation system, reagents, software, and services. The Cytek Aurora CS system, in particular, is the only cell sorter on the market that offers the unique ability to combine the advantages of Full Spectrum Profiling™ (FSP™) technology with high-performance cell sorting. Since the Cytek Aurora CS system and the Cytek Aurora cell analyzer share the same FSP technology, assays can be easily transferred from one to the other without redesigning panels, reconfiguring detector systems, or sacrificing resolution. The Cytek Aurora CS and Cytek Aurora systems are the first and only paired spectral cell sorter-analyzer combo in the industry.

“The increasing application of cellular analysis in various fields, including immuno-oncology, infectious diseases and immunology, has led to a rising need for advanced cell analysis solutions – and we are taking a proactive approach to accommodate it,” said Wenbin Jiang, Ph.D., CEO of Cytek Biosciences. “Our roadmap has us continuing to expand our global footprint – and continuing to give scientists the tools and support they need to advance their research.”

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