Leading the Charge: Signia’s Campaign for Hearing Health Awareness

Signia's campaign banner featuring a diverse group listening attentively, symbolizing hearing health inclusion and awareness.

In an audacious move this month, Signia launches a comprehensive campaign aimed at leading the charge against the stigma of hearing loss and advocating for the essential need for ear and hearing care. This initiative aligns perfectly with the theme of “Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all” for World Hearing Day, spotlighting Signia’s commitment to bringing to light the overlooked issue of untreated hearing loss in India, burdened by societal stigmas and a lack of proper awareness.

“Too often, individuals neglect their hearing health due to societal misconceptions and stigma surrounding hearing aids,” Avinash Pawar, CEO and MD of WS Audiology India, emphasized. The #HearTheChange campaign is a dynamic mix of educational outreach, strategic social media campaigns, and direct community involvement, all aimed at highlighting the urgent need for early hearing loss detection and effective management.

By enlisting the collaboration of influencers, corporate entities, health professionals, and NGOs, Signia is creating a powerful voice to advocate for change in how hearing loss and hearing care are perceived. This visionary campaign aims to not only educate the public but also to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment, making hearing care accessible and free from stigma for all individuals.


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