Interactive Strength Inc. (Nasdaq: TRNR) to Exhibit Both CLMBR and FORME Lift at IHRSA in Los Angeles March 6-8

Interactive Strength Inc. Exhibit at IHRSA Convention

NewMediaWire –Interactive Strength Inc. (Nasdaq: TRNR) (“TRNR” or “the Company”), maker of innovative specialty fitness equipment and provider of virtual personal training services, today announced that both of the Company’s brands (CLMBR and FORME) will be exhibited at IHRSA Convention and Trade Show in Los Angeles on March 6-8.

IHRSA is the annual main event where global leaders and tastemakers across the health and fitness industry gather to discover the latest equipment, products and services. There are expected to be more than 8,000 attendees, including the senior leadership teams from all major gym and boutique fitness operators.

Trent Ward, Co-Founder and CEO of TRNR, said: “IHRSA is the biggest equipment show in the US and this event is the perfect opportunity for potential customers to get hands-on experience with both CLMBR and FORME. Personally, using the equipment is often the most important part of the customer’s buying journey and IHRSA is a great place to start a new relationship, or to close the sale. We are fortunate to exhibit our products in the WOODWAY booth as their long-term relationships and market presence pull traffic to the booth and provide powerful exposure for newer brands like CLMBR and FORME.”

All attendees are invited to use and explore both CLMBR and FORME, which are located in the WOODWAY Booth (1034), which is centrally located on the main walkway, between Precor and Freemotion Fitness.

This is the first year where the commercial version of CLMBR (the CLMBR 02) is readily available at IHRSA as there were only early production versions for limited use at last year’s convention. As a result of TRNR acquiring CLMBR and entering a Worldwide Exclusive Distribution Agreement with WOODWAY earlier this year, CLMBR is now available worldwide for commercial customers. WOODWAY has already received exciting demand from commercial customers, which is concentrated around two main use cases – the cardio floor and the group fitness room. WOODWAY is expecting to generate significant demand from IHRSA this week and FIBO in Germany in April where CLMBR will also be exhibited.

Gym chains are already adding CLMBRs to the cardio floor and are often replacing elliptical machines to make room for the new equipment. Climbing is an efficient and effective full-body strength and cardio workout, and one that can result in greater posterior chain activation.

Additionally, some gym chains have started to pilot group fitness solutions where 10 or 15 CLMBRs are grouped together in a room previously used for spin classes. The initial feedback has been very positive in these instances, and it mimics the same feedback that customers of Studio CLMBR in Denver have had for years about the class being a lot of fun and an incredible workout.

IHRSA 24 is the first time that FORME has been exhibited and the inclusion of the FORME Lift this year is a result of the strong interest from commercial accounts such as multi-family developers and country clubs.

The FORME Lift provides an innovative strength training option that fits the multi-family footprint and use case exceptionally well given its elegant design, compact size and wide variety of functions. There has been an increase in non-traditional participants for wellness spaces, such as over 55-year-old communities that are growing quickly, and the FORME Lift fits this demographic very well.

Country clubs and other golf-focused properties have become an area of very high demand for the FORME Lift given it is viewed as a “plug and play golf performance center”, especially when it is paired with live 1:1 virtual coaching from a Titleist Performance Institute certified trainer. The golfer is interested in training equipment that fits their needs and traditional fitness centers and strength training equipment often does not. More information can be found at

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