Redefine Healthcare Partners with ReclaimAbility Pain Services to Expand Pain Management Team

llustration showing doctors and patients in a pain management clinic.

Redefine Healthcare, a pioneer in comprehensive, patient-focused pain care, proudly announces its partnership with ReclaimAbility Pain Services (RA Pain), enhancing the range and quality of pain management services across New Jersey.

This strategic alliance unites Redefine Healthcare’s multidisciplinary expertise with the targeted pain relief service strength of RA Pain. The partnership significantly boosts both entities’ footprints, providing an extensive network of medical expertise to patients in need of advanced and compassionate pain care.

“Our partnership with Redefine Healthcare represents a significant leap forward in how we approach patient care,” stated Dr. Burhan Haleem of RA Pain. “Joining a leader in the multidisciplinary medical practice allows us to expand our reach and offer our patients access to some of the best resources available for pain treatment.”

The integration of these two entities aims to create synergy, resulting in the expansion of specialized pain relief options while ensuring patients benefit from coordinated care plans. This collaborative effort also includes the addition of 12 new expert providers from RA Pain, further strengthening Redefine Healthcare’s capacity to deliver unrivaled pain management care with a personal touch.

“By combining forces, we’re not only increasing the availability of advanced pain treatments but also actively shaping the future of pain management,” comments William Vanderveer, CEO of Redefine Healthcare. “The collaboration with RA Pain underscores our commitment to driving innovation and delivering high-quality care that addresses every dimension of pain.”

Patients across New Jersey stand to gain the most from this powerful collaboration, with access to more facilities, specialized services, and top-tier medical professionals passionate about elevating the standard of pain care. With ReclaimAbility Pain Services’ four well-established locations throughout Southern New Jersey, and Redefine Healthcare’s existing infrastructure of nearly 25 locations across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, this partnership exemplifies a shared vision of improved geographic accessibility and enhanced patient outcomes.


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