Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor Dr. LaNysha Adams Launches ME POWER Audiobook, Defying Odds in American Heart Month Celebration

ME POWER audiobook launch

Award-winning author and founder of Edlinguist Solutions LaNysha Adams, Ph.D. is set to captivate audiences nationwide as she launches the audiobook version of her acclaimed bestseller, ME POWER (ISBN: 979-8885045698) during American Heart Month. Dr. Adams, a 7-time award-winning author, mother of two, and cardiac arrest survivor, draws from her journey to offer a motivational guide to personal growth and fulfillment.

ME POWER encourages individuals to unlock their limitless potential with self-knowledge and principled action. Dr. Adams, who was saved by her husband performing CPR after a cardiac arrest, emphasizes the importance of heart health, especially during the American Heart Association’s 100th birthday.

“As we celebrate the American Heart Association’s centennial, we must focus on health and hope for everyone,” says Nancy Brown, American Heart Association CEO. “With nearly 3 out of 4 cardiac arrests occurring at home, it’s vital for all families to know CPR.”

Dr. Adams’ survival story adds a unique perspective, highlighting the rarity of such outcomes. Recent statistics from the American Heart Association indicate that CPR if administered immediately after cardiac arrest, can triple a person’s chance of survival. 

“I am incredibly blessed to have a partner with CPR certification capable of saving me in time,” says Dr. Adams. “Shockingly, fewer than 10% of people who experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting survive. Even more disheartening is that this statistic has remained the same for over 30 years.” 

The audiobook release precedes Dr. Adams’ upcoming national radio and TV tour and her TEDx talk scheduled for April 20 in Ashbury Park, NJ. Through these engagements, Dr. Adams aims to share insights from ME POWER, highlighting the significance of heart health and cardiovascular disease prevention.

ME POWER, in its audiobook form, provides easy accessibility to Dr. Adams’ empowering message, delivering both inspiration and practical advice. As American Heart Month takes center stage, journalists are invited to engage with Dr. Adams’ story and spread awareness about the vital connection between personal empowerment and heart health.


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