Calliditas refinances existing term loan with Euro 92 million senior secured facility with Athyrium Capital

Calliditas Refinancing with Athyrium Capital

Calliditas Therapeutics AB (Nasdaq: CALT) and (Nasdaq Stockholm: CALTX) (“Calliditas”) today announced that the company has signed and fully drawn a term loan of 92 million Euros with funds managed by Athyrium Capital Management, LP (“Athyrium”). Proceeds from the loan will primarily be utilized for full repayment of the company’s existing 68 million Euro loan with Kreos Capital.

With this refinancing, the company extends the interest-only period on its debt by three years at the same interest rate as the previous term loan. The principal amount of the new loan is 24 million Euros greater than that of the prior facility.

“Signing this four-year term loan facility ensures an extension and expansion of our access to significant non-dilutive capital. With the full FDA approval of TARPEYO®, the recent issuance of a Notice of Allowance of a second TARPEYO patent and extension of debt repayment by 3 years, we believe that Calliditas is well positioned to continue to create value through direct commercialisation efforts in the United States as well as contributions from our licensees in other jurisdictions, complemented by a late-stage pipeline.” said CEO Renée Aguiar-Lucander.

“We are thrilled to help contribute to the continued commercial success of TARPEYO® and its recent full FDA approval in the U.S.” said Laurent D. Hermouet, Partner, Athyrium Capital Management.

The credit agreement provides for quarterly interest-only payments through the third quarter of 2026. The loan will partially amortize in four quarterly principal payments of 13.8 million Euros commencing December 31, 2026, with the outstanding balance to be repaid on the maturity date of December 31, 2027. The loan is prepayable in part or in full, together with all applicable fees, at any time at the option of Calliditas. The loan bears interest at a fixed rate of 9.00%. The loan is guaranteed by Calliditas’ subsidiaries which own or control any Nefecon assets and is secured by assets of Calliditas and the guarantors, including the equity interests in Calliditas’ non-guarantor subsidiaries. The gross proceeds of the loan are subject to an original issue discount and the expected cash proceeds to the company from the draw down, net of repayment of the existing loan (including all applicable fees to Kreos Capital) and before certain transaction-related costs, is approximately 19 million Euros. The credit agreement contains financial covenants specifying minimum cash liquidity and minimum product revenue. The credit agreement contains customary affirmative and negative covenants for a senior secured loan.


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