On/go for\Good provides the main donation to open a mental health center for children in war-torn Ukraine

On/go for\Good, a charitable foundation founded by Intrivo co-founders, is delighted to announce the opening of a much-needed mental health facility for children in war-torn Ukraine. In partnership with local philanthropic partners, On/go for\Good has funded the largest single donation to the new Lviv-based “Mental Health Center for Children.” Within the locally developed framework of the UNBROKEN Kids Project, the new center will provide free, high-quality medical care and psychological support for children traumatized by the strife and violence in their homeland. Its mission is to restore hope for both children and their parents in a country that has been traumatized by war and fear.

The new center is attached to the renowned St. Nicholas Hospital, Ukraine’s only remaining pediatric cardiovascular and neurosurgery center operating since the invasion. With newly built space dedicated to treatment, counseling, and support, the Mental Health Center for Children opened this week and provides immediate and life-changing intervention for the country’s most vulnerable victims. The center has space for six medical offices and instruction classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Trained clinicians will staff individual and group therapy sessions, provide diagnosis and treatment options, and lead support for struggling parents in desperate need of immediate solutions. On/go for\Good has produced a short documentary showcasing the Mental Health Center for Children’s opening ceremony, which can be viewed here.

Intrivo Co-Founder and CEO Ron Gutman traveled to Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion to meet with hospital leaders and community activists and personally witnessed the devastation brought by the impact of the war on families, particularly those with young children. Parents and children alike have been forced to endure prolonged wartime conditions and the toll on their lives has been immense.

“After my initial visit to Ukraine, I felt an overwhelming need to do more to break the cycle of fear and bring back hope, especially to the children who are suffering most, ” said Ron Gutman, Co-Founder and CEO of On/go for\Good. “The ongoing stress these innocent kids have gone through is unimaginable and it was made even more dire against the backdrop of constant fear. We must create a virtuous cycle of hope to break this vicious cycle, which is why we’ve committed our resources to help heal these children. We’ve learned firsthand the importance of providing immediate mental care to those traumatized by events out of their control and we feel it’s our calling to act quickly now to create solutions that will give a whole generation new hope for a better, happier, and healthier future. Any form of philanthropy, whether it is volunteer work or a monetary donation, is vital to make a difference.”

To ensure this project is successful in delivering true value and hope, On\go for/Good has partnered with the Lviv IT Cluster, a local consortium that has proven expertise in delivering on-the-ground impact after establishing an adult clinic in October 2022. 

“We are forever grateful to On/go for\Good for their efforts to create spaces and institutions that help people overcome the stress of war we are unfortunately experiencing,” said Dr. Oleh Berezyuk, Head of Psychotherapy at First Medical Union. “It is during these unfortunate times that we must stay strong and stand by those who are helping us stay resilient and strong. On/go for\Good has made it possible for us to provide an invaluable service for these children and their parents – we’re incredibly happy to have welcomed them as part of our big project.”

To learn more about On/go for\Good and how you can donate to those on the ground in Ukraine, visit ongoforgood.org.


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