Nona Biosciences Announces Collaboration with Evive Biotech to Accelerate Antibody Discovery

Nona Biosciences, a global pioneer of technology innovation and antibody discovery and development solutions, and Evive Biotech, a global biopharmaceutical company devoted to developing a portfolio of novel biological therapies for patients worldwide, today announced a collaboration agreement on antibody discovery based on the Harbour Mice® antibody technology platform of Nona Biosciences. The collaboration brings together professional advantages of Nona Biosciences and Evive Biotech, aiming to accelerate the process of antibody discovery and drug development to benefit patients faster.

Harbour Mice® is a proprietary antibody technology platform that utilizes the transgenic mouse to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies in both a traditional two heavy and two light chain (H2L2) format and a heavy chain only (HCAb) format. This platform holds significant potential for the development of therapeutic antibodies and the acceleration of drug discovery and development.

“Nona Biosciences is committed to bringing antibody discovery and research solutions to our partners better and faster,” said Jingsong Wang, MD, PhD, Chairman of Nona Biosciences. “With the capabilities of Harbour Mice®, we look forward to empowering our partners in antibody drug discovery and development, and helping more patients benefit from cutting-edge technologies and therapies.”

“There is tremendous potential in antibody-based therapy, and I am very excited about this collaboration,” said Simon Li, MD, PhD, CEO & CMO of Evive Biotech. “Evive Biotech’s mission is to develop innovative biologic therapies for patients worldwide. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Nona Biosciences to accelerate the discovery of innovative antibody therapies to benefit patients across the globe.”


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