Human Biome Announces Prediction of first-in class, Biosynthetic Microbiome Against Silent Pandemic of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria and Doses First Patients in Contextual FMT Study to validate it

This is a major milestone for Human Biome, the field of microbiome medicine and whole epidemiology. Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat to public health, and new treatments are urgently needed. The New-Generation Biotherapeutic (NGB) drug candidate has the potential to provide a new paradigm in preventing antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARB) infections.

Years of my observations as a doctor at the Hemato-Oncological Department showed a great progress in the efficacy of anticancer drugs, but also increasing problem of life-threatening infections, being responsible for even 60% of cancer patients deaths. A quarter of them are caused by ARB. WHO, CDC alarm that by 2050 10M people each year will die of ARB infection. Bugs are more and more resistant to antibiotics, and ARB have already spread beyond the hospital walls. Today, I am really happy to share that our patients can win this battle. From the past 10 years, we have been developing a natural gut microbiome-based medicines to eliminate ARB. Now, we have predicted fully synthetic microbiome drug composition and our AI-based analysis confirms its efficacy – commented CEO and R&D Director of Human Biome Jaroslaw Bilinski MD, PhD.

Ongoing clinical studies provide samples to the HBI’s Drug Discovery Platform to validate biosynthetic NGB composition and indicate which donor’s microbiome-derived components need to be isolated to create final NGB. The company announces that their proof-of-concept fecal microbiome products decolonize over 70% of ARB, and this is a great base to assume that synthetic microbiome will do the same or even better.

Human Biome has built a Drug Discovery Platform that includes a microbiota facility, Clinical Platform to perform contextual FMT studies, BioBank with over 3,000 clinical samples collected to date, and finally deep-tech-packed MicroDrug Platform to predict compositions and synthesize the NGBs – added dr Bilinski.


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