ThirdEye Announces $100M AI/MR Partnership with Japan’s OmGeneum to Radically Improve Medical Industry

ThirdEye, a leading provider of digital end-to-end ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence/Mixed Reality (AI/MR) products, announces today a multi-year contract with OmGeneum., a major Japanese regenerative bioengineering company, to converge ThirdEye’s AI powered smart glasses, customized AI/MR software applications with OmGeneum’s technology platform, a deal valued over $100M USD.

As a part of this contract, ThirdEye will work with OmGeneum who has developed a next-generation technology to modulate targeted tissue, organs, or cell regeneration, to improve regenerative (stem cell) medicine treatments for neurological diseases, disorders and dysfunctions.

ThirdEye’s AI/MR software can be used for a wide variety of medical use cases ranging from aiding the vision impaired, Alzheimer’s, remote surgery, surgical 3D overlay, health AI analysis & first responder assistance.

“We are excited about this long-term partnership in the intersection of artificial intelligence, mixed reality and healthcare. ThirdEye’s technology has been validated at the highest possible level by the US Military and the combination of their technology with our industry-leading expertise within these health verticals will offer novel technology methods to aid millions of lives for the most advanced healthcare use cases. Japan currently has the world’s highest proportion of older people and the largest number of centenarians and this technology via holograms can help as well as in other areas,” says Mr. James Ryan, CEO of OmGeneum.

This award follows prior successful AI/MR deployments by ThirdEye to US Defense and Healthcare customers. According to Nick Cherukuri, ThirdEye CEO, “ThirdEye was founded on the belief that AI/MR solutions could revolutionize our lives, from the way we work to solving the leading healthcare issues of our time. We are continuing to support our worldwide customers and are excited about this intersection of our tech for this new deployment in hundreds of medical facilities and schools that leverages our HoloEye and RealEye platforms.”


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