The Indian Chest Society (ICS) Announces NAPCON 2023

NAPCON 2023 Conference

The Indian Chest Society (ICS) is delighted to announce that NAPCON 2023, the most prestigious annual national conference on pulmonary diseases, will be held at Delhi’s Hotel Ashoka Chanakyapuri from Thursday, October 5th, 2023 to Sunday, October 8th, 2023. As a leading event in the field of respiratory medicine, the conference aims to address key issues and promote advancements in Respiratory Medicine through scientific research, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals. Almost 2000 delegates from across the globe are expected to participate at this gala event.

NAPCON 2023 offers an exceptional platform for networking and collaboration among renowned national and international experts in respiratory medicine, chest disease research, TB Elimination, policy-making, and allied respiratory health professionals. This premier event will feature up-to-date research presentations, interactive sessions, panel discussions, and workshops focusing on a wide range of topics related to chest diseases and pulmonary medicine.

In line with the Indian Chest Society’s mission of improving respiratory health across India, this year’s event will emphasize issues affecting the country’s population. The conference will explore strategies for better prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management approaches tailored to the unique challenges faced by healthcare communities in India.

This agenda will be achieved by the organization of 17 skill-enhancing workshops curated by leading experts as faculty with hands-on sessions, allowing clinicians to learn and adapt these skills to benefit their patients. The scientific agenda consists of approximately 164 sessions led by phenomenal faculty.


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