Hospital Clinica Biblica Joins Global Provider Network to Transform Healthcare in Costa Rica

Hospital Clinica Biblica, the largest private hospital in Costa Rica, has joined the Global Provider Network (GPN), a step that widens access to affordable and world-class healthcare offerings in Costa Rica for American consumers and self-funded employers.

The GPN is a network comprising the world’s leading hospitals, offering comprehensive and easy access to complex bundled and transparent medical packages for facilitators, insurance companies, self-funded employers, government referrals, and individual healthcare consumers.

GPN ensures that referral organizations can now swiftly tap into a network of healthcare providers with pre-negotiated discounts and commissions. Simultaneously, healthcare providers can expand their reach and patient base, courtesy of the swift access to a robust global network of referral organizations, and consumers through Global Healthcare Resources.

“Our partnership with the Global Provider Network is a huge watershed moment for us and for Costa Rica,” said CEO of Hospital Clinica Biblica, Gerardo Sanchez Cordero. “Clinica Biblica has a long history of treating medical tourists and providing a high level of healthcare. Joining the Global Healthcare Resources demonstrates our commitment to and capacity to provide quality care to American medical tourists, taking our business to the next level.”

Sanchez added that the hospital staff are excited about the opportunities GPN brings, as it opens the door to strategic collaborations with self-funded employers’ services and opens the door to new opportunities.

Clínica Bíblica Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International. This accreditation has been maintained for 15 years, and it is based on the international standards of hospital quality established by JCI. The hospital has also attained the seal and accreditation of the Global Healthcare Accreditation, demonstrating its strong capacity and commitment toward excellent patient experience and quality healthcare.

This milestone partnership achieved by Clínica Bíblica Hospital is part of the strategic planning of the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica, which seeks to position Costa Rica at a highly competitive level in terms of medical services worldwide.

“Not only are we backed by the trajectory we have in our country, but with this collaboration, we are able to assure our users that the processes are coordinated and efficient and that they are based on high standards of knowledge and culture of quality,” Sanchez added.

This comes as the hospital has begun rapid expansion with the construction of a new branch on the east side of the city of San José. It will be a medical tower located in a mini-city, with spaces such as a hotel, office centers, restaurants, and shops, as it prepares to attract international patients.

Clinica Biblica has become a driving force of excellent healthcare in Costa Rica, with numerous testimonials locally.

“I have been treated like a King,” says Rodrigo Salazar, who reports receiving excellent care in the hospital’s intensive care unit, where he said the patient experience was out of this world. Other patients have also shared their experiences of truly personalized care from the well-trained and skilled hospital staff.

Clinica Biblica, they’ve all said, is one hospital that truly cares about and prioritizes excellent patient outcomes and treats their patients as whole human beings with families, hopes, and dreams, and not just as medical cases.

GPN, launched by Global Healthcare Resources, the leading authority in medical travel, provides targeted and innovative solutions to challenges that stakeholders face in accessing world-class healthcare and scaling profitability.

GPN essentially solves the problem of access, allowing referral organizations and healthcare providers to access each other easily and seamlessly, thus, allowing each to access more patient volumes and clients.


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