Havas Chicago Amplifies Conversation on Mental Health Through “11 Minutes Funeral Home”

Havas Chicago, a creative advertising agency, unveils the “11 Minutes Funeral Home” in conjunction with National Suicide Prevention Week today. This significant installation, set in their transformed lobby, beckons as both a space for introspection and a pivotal reminder of the impact of open conversations on mental health. Alarmingly, every 11 minutes, someone in the U.S. dies by suicide, emphasizing the undeniable necessity of addressing this sensitive topic head-on.

Navigating the emotional realms of mental well-being can often be more challenging than dealing with tangible life situations. “Today’s message is crystal clear,” remarks Will Russell, the lead strategist behind the exhibit. “Our primary objective is to illuminate the imperative of not shying away from these lifesaving discussions. It’s paramount to recognize signs, engage earnestly, and understand that these dialogues have a profound potential to change lives.”

Myra Nussbaum, President and Chief Creative Officer of Havas Chicago, added, “Mental health conversations should emerge from the shadows. They need to be as commonplace as any other health discourse. Today’s initiative stands as a bold proclamation: Start the conversation, extend your support, and together, we can make a difference.”

The “11 Minutes Funeral Home” has been meticulously curated, transforming Havas Chicago’s lobby into an experiential journey that starkly contrasts the challenges of discussing suicide with the harrowing aftermath of not doing so. Every element— the casket, the hearse, the floral arrangements, and even the ominously ticking clock— symbolizes the ramifications of sidestepping dialogues on this urgent matter.


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