Epoch Elder Care is Expanding: Rooted in Dignity, Respect, and Holistic Care

"Epoch Vincent House - Assisted Living and Dementia Care Services in India"

Epoch Elder Care, the distinguished provider of assisted living and dementia care services in India, marks yet another milestone with the impending launch of its fourth facility, Epoch Vincent House. Situated in Gurugram, Haryana, the facility embodies Epoch’s signature blend of evidence-based care, experience, and expertise.

With a capacity to house 18 elders, Epoch Vincent House offers an array of services tailored to seniors’ needs. These include basic nursing care and specialized care for chronic conditions like Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke recovery, and palliative care. The necessity for such services is increasingly crucial as the global population ages, with estimates predicting the population aged 60 and above will double by 2050.

Epoch Elder Care’s dedication to holistic care is echoed by its CEO, Neha Sinha, who insists on the need for professional care, especially when handling complex conditions like dementia. By focusing on the overall well-being and not just the physical condition of the elderly, Epoch aims to deliver a quality of life that all seniors deserve.

Epoch Vincent House has been thoughtfully designed for seamless connectivity and accessibility, ensuring comfort and tranquility for its residents. With this latest addition, Epoch Elder Care reaffirms its commitment to excellence in senior care, advancing steadily towards becoming a global leader in assisted living and dementia care services.

To learn more about Epoch Elder Care and its range of services, visit www.epocheldercare.com.


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