Manasthali’s Pioneering Effort in Addressing Mental Health Challenges During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman receiving mental health support

Mental health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, and it becomes particularly significant during pivotal phases such as pregnancy. In fact, research suggests that mental health disorders, including prenatal depression and anxiety, are not uncommon during pregnancy and postnatal periods. Taking cognizance of this, Manasthali, a leading mental health organization, has demonstrated a strong commitment towards addressing these challenges.

Dr. Jyoti Kapoor, the Founder-Director of Manasthali, leads a dedicated team of professionals offering holistic support to a young pregnant woman with pre-existing mental health issues. The team offered services ranging from counselling sessions to therapeutic interventions, further collaborating with the woman’s health specialists for a well-rounded approach.

As healthcare continues to evolve, the emphasis on mental health becomes increasingly relevant. Manasthali’s approach to providing accessible and inclusive mental health services sets a benchmark in the healthcare industry, proving that a balanced approach towards physical and mental health can ensure a more fulfilling pregnancy experience for women.


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