Microalgae Innovator Introduces Nutritionally Dense Plant-based Chicken Nuggets

Spirulina-based chicken analog

In an exciting development in the alternative protein industry, SimpliiGood, a part of AlgaeCore Technologies Ltd., has introduced a spirulina-based chicken cutlet analog. This plant-based product mirrors the taste, structure, and look of chicken while also offering a superior nutritional profile.

Spirulina, a nutrient-rich microalgae, forms 80% of this novel product. When supplemented with prebiotic fibers, it provides consumers with a clean-label, nutritionally dense, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional meat products.

With the global plant-based protein market expected to reach USD 15.6 billion by 2026, as per Statista, this breakthrough aligns with the growing consumer demand for healthier, plant-based food alternatives. Furthermore, SimpliiGood’s product has the potential to enhance the sensory experience of plant-based foods, which could increase their acceptance among consumers.

As SimpliiGood continues to harness the power of spirulina, the future of the plant-based food industry appears greener and more promising. The company’s innovative approach to alternative proteins might just revolutionize how we perceive and consume plant-based foods.


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