Leading the Nutraceutical Vanguard: SUANNUTRA Appoints Anthony Weston as CEO

Anthony Weston, CEO of SUANNUTRA, leading the way in nutraceutical innovation.

In a move that signifies a robust commitment to the nutraceutical market, SUANFARMA’s subsidiary, SUANNUTRA, has appointed Anthony Weston as its Chief Executive Officer. This appointment is poised to bolster SUANNUTRA’s customer-centered approach, catering to the ever-evolving demands of a global consumer base.

SUANNUTRA’s strength lies in its core brands, including Gonmisol, Monteloeder, and Suanfarma USA. These brands are central to SUANNUTRA’s strategy for market-leading growth in branded and innovative ingredients. In addition, the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation augments its market presence in functional and essential ingredients.

With a global footprint spanning 50 countries and serving over 1,400 active customers, SUANNUTRA is a global giant in the nutraceutical industry. The appointment of Anthony Weston, an experienced leader with a background in global business management, is set to amplify the company’s market presence and innovative spirit.

Weston’s appointment heralds an exciting phase for SUANNUTRA as it looks forward to navigating the intricate waters of the nutraceutical market with renewed vigor and innovation.


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