Pioneering Healthcare Sustainability: Apollo Hospitals and Smart Joules’ Groundbreaking Collaboration

A conceptual image of a green earth with the healthcare symbol signifying Apollo Hospitals’ sustainability efforts.

In a groundbreaking partnership, Apollo Hospitals is setting a benchmark in healthcare sustainability by joining forces with Smart Joules. The objective is to slash carbon emissions by a phenomenal 2,90,000 tons across 18 hospitals in India over a decade.

This initiative is anchored in Smart Joules’ JoulePAYS solution, a trailblazing, pay-as-you-save model that empowers establishments to retrofit their existing buildings for greater energy efficiency without any initial investment.

This collaboration is particularly timely and vital, given India’s ambitious commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2070. This national goal necessitates innovative approaches and robust partnerships such as this to make a tangible impact.

Within an astonishingly brief period of four months, Apollo Hospitals has set into motion 235 energy conservation measures using JoulePAYS. These conservation measures are expected to result in huge savings, with over 235 million kWh and INR 2 billion projected by 2030.

Dr. K Hariprasad, President of Apollo Hospitals, articulates the essence of the partnership in striking a balance between delivering unparalleled healthcare services and fostering environmental sustainability.

Moreover, Apollo Hospitals’ partnership with Smart Joules demonstrates how sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand. Through JoulePAYS, establishments not only enhance their energy efficiency but also realize significant cost savings. This is incredibly relevant for the healthcare sector, which often faces challenges in managing operational costs while delivering high-quality services.

This venture also exemplifies the social responsibility of healthcare providers in contributing to global sustainability goals. The healthcare sector has a unique position in society, and its active engagement in sustainability practices can have a far-reaching impact.

In summary, the partnership between Apollo Hospitals and Smart Joules is a pioneering effort that is destined to leave a lasting impact on healthcare sustainability in India and beyond. Through innovative solutions like JoulePAYS, healthcare establishments have the tools necessary to contribute significantly to the fight against climate change while continuing to offer exceptional services to their patients.


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