Avenda Health Pioneers AI-driven Prostate Cancer Mapping with Unfold AI

Avenda Health’s Unfold AI Logo with 3D cancer visualization background

Avenda Health is spearheading innovations in prostate cancer care with Unfold AI, an AI-driven technology that precisely maps the extent of prostate cancer, paving the way for personalized treatment plans.

A recent study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine’s Department of Urology revealed the remarkable capabilities of Unfold AI in defining cancer margins and supporting decision-making for treatments including surgery, focal therapy, and active surveillance.

Unfold AI employs machine learning to create 3D visualizations of cancer, providing physicians with detailed information which is essential for patient-specific treatment planning.

With one in eight men expected to develop prostate cancer in their lifetime, this breakthrough technology has the potential to impact countless lives. The current standard of care, often involving the treatment of the entire prostate, has left many patients grappling with the loss of sexual or urinary function.

Avenda Health, having received FDA clearance for Unfold AI in late 2022, is committed to bringing this cutting-edge technology to practices and physicians treating prostate cancer patients.

Discover more about Unfold AI at avendahealth.com.


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