MGM Healthcare Pulls Off Medical Miracle by Saving One-Day-Old’s Life with Complex Brain Surgery

The medical world is buzzing with awe and admiration after MGM Healthcare in Chennai performed a life-saving brain surgery on a one-day-old infant. The child was brought to the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with signs of drowsiness and a refusal to feed. After a thorough examination, the team discovered a massive blood clot in the brain that could prove fatal if left untreated.

The situation was grave, but Dr. L.S. Harishchandra, a specialist in pediatric, epilepsy, and movement disorder surgery, refused to give up hope. He and his team immediately launched into a complex, two-step surgical procedure that lasted for five hours. Despite the odds, the team emerged victorious, and the child was saved.

Dr. Harishchandra praised the Neonatal team for their exceptional care during the infant’s postoperative period, which was critical to the baby’s quick recovery. Only a few hundred cases of this type of blood clot in the brain stem have been reported worldwide, making this an incredibly rare and challenging case.

The successful operation is a testament to the power of skill, technology, and teamwork in the medical field. MGM Healthcare’s medical team has shown that they are up to the task of tackling the most challenging cases, delivering hope and relief to families in their care. Their remarkable achievement is a shining example of the best that modern medicine has to offer.


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