Revolutionizing Hospital Linen Management: Toyota Tsusho and Tokai Corp Launch Valabhi Hospital Services in India

In a bid to improve hygiene in healthcare institutions, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, a renowned global trading company within the Toyota Group, has partnered with Tokai Corporation, a specialist in hospital linen supply and medical peripheral businesses in Japan, to launch Valabhi Hospital Services in India. The venture aims to revolutionize hospital linen management and provide comprehensive end-to-end linen management services to hospitals in India.

Valabhi Hospital Services will be based in Bangalore and operate in partnership with Adityavani Facility Service Private Limited and Vashkleen Laundry Services Private Limited. The venture plans to expand its operations in other peripheral services in interstate cities and neighboring states in the near future. With Valabhi Hospital Services, hospitals can now access hygienically clean linen without compromising on quality and reliability, thus safeguarding patients and staff from the risk of infections.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Toshiaki Asai, Representative Director, Sr. Executive Director, TOKAI Corp, said, “Hospital linen management is a comprehensive process that involves identifying and segregating soiled and dirty linen, collecting and transporting them to the laundry, thoroughly disinfecting and sluicing the soiled linen, washing, drying, repairing, calendaring and ironing, and finally delivering, sorting, and storing the clean linen. Our aim with Valabhi Hospital Services is to bring in the technology and philosophy that Tokai Corp. has developed for infection control over the last 69 years to India and support medical facilities in developing public health in India.”

With Valabhi Hospital Services, Toyota Tsusho and Tokai Corp aim to be the right partner for hospitals looking for a comprehensive solution that provides hygienic laundry and linen management services. Their experience at Sakra World Hospital in Bangalore since 2014 has enabled them to enhance the quality of linen management services, improving infection control and operational efficiency through continuous innovation and improvisation. As India prioritizes healthcare infrastructure, Valabhi Hospital Services is committed to supporting hospitals in their essential work and becoming more patient-centric, making a significant impact on the healthcare industry in India.


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