38 Year old man runs his first marathon after 40 kg weight loss after bariatric Surgery

A team headed by Dr Kedar Patil, Bariatric, Hernia and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon helps a 38-year-old man to slim down from 180 to 140 kgs in 4 months duration The patient who successfully underwent Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery, even completed a 10 km Marathon in the UK  4 months after the surgery, and is leading a healthy life now.

Mr Ritesh Agarwal (name changed), an NRI based in the UK couldn’t perform his day-to-day activities with ease owing to the  weight gain. He had tried Dieting and Exercise but failed to lose weight. Excess weight caused him Sleep Apnea, Hypertension and Gout. He was suggested Bariatric Surgery by a Doctor in UK but being a Native of Pune he choose to be operated at Pune .

Dr Kedar Patil, Bariatric and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Pune said, on investigations Mr Ritesh was detected to have high blood sugars in the range of 350 which was not known to him previously. He also had other comorbidities such as Sleep apnea, Gout, Hypertension and abnormal lipid profile. We do an pre surgery  investigations to screen common diseases which cause or an effect of obesity. His BMI was 51.9 which is termed as Superobesity. Although he had come with an intention to get operated and leave to UK immediately post surgery ,he was prepared for the surgery for a month with modified diet and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to improve his  sleep apnea along with exercise and medication to control sugar and hypertension.”

Dr Patil added, ‘‘The Surgery lasted for 2 hours and the patient was discharged on day 4 post surgery. The patient lost 40 kgs over 4 months after the surgery. He is expected to lose more weight  around 40-50 kgs in the upcoming 11 months. His comorbidities have also improved including Diabetes ,Hypertension and Gout  and he is leading a normal life. He participated in the London Marathon and completed 10 km run as well. Those patients who follow the diet, exercise, and make other suggested lifestyle changes do well and are able to maintain the lost weight.’’

“I was unable to do any activities with ease due to my excess weight. I was also detected to have Diabetes, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) when investigated for bariatric surgery. It was not possible to get personalized comprehensive treatment in the UK. So, I came to India for treatment. I am glad that it has helped me regain my health and confidence. I aim to stay in touch with the Doctor and follow up regularly via email and online consultations. I am also proud of myself as I completed a 10 km run in Marathon back in the UK. I will work hard to lose weight and keep participating in marathons in the near future. I weigh 140 kgs and feel relatively better and lighter,” concluded the patient Mr Ritesh Agarwal (name changed)*.


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