Revolutionizing Healthcare Communication: An Interview with Naresh Ahuja, Founder & CEO of SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd

Naresh Ahuja, Founder & CEO of SMS Scientific Products

Naresh Ahuja, the Founder & CEO of SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd, is a visionary leader in the healthcare industry. With a passion for improving doctor-patient communication, Ahuja has dedicated his career to developing innovative solutions tailored to the needs of medical professionals.

Ahuja’s journey began over three decades ago, inspired by a personal experience at a Mumbai hospital. Accompanying his father to a prostate consultation, Ahuja witnessed the challenges doctors faced in explaining medical procedures. This experience ignited a spark in Ahuja, motivating him to create solutions that would simplify complex medical concepts for both doctors and patients.

In 2018, Ahuja founded SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd, with a vision to bridge the communication gap in healthcare. The company’s flagship product, Science for Doctors (SFD), is a range of innovative desktops designed to enhance interactive and engaging consultation experiences. These tools empower patients through easy-to-understand information, while simplifying communication for doctors.

The SFD range includes a variety of products tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals. One such product is PROTECH 24, a 24-hour effective disinfectant incorporating Nano silver technology. Another product, SEAFA, is a range of healthcare hygiene products formulated in accordance with CDC guidelines. The DOCARE range encompasses medical utilities, consumables, diagnostic tools, and medical sprays, carefully designed in consultation with experts across the medical field.

What sets SMS apart is its meticulous approach to product design and crafting, considering the unique requirements of doctors. Through consultations with medical experts, SMS products are purposefully created to offer genuine utility and quality, surpassing superficial solutions. The company also offers DUK, or Doctor Utility Kits, thoughtfully curated for specialists and consultants, addressing their specific needs.

Reflecting on the impact of SMS products, Ahuja highlights the positive feedback from both patients and doctors. Patients leave consultations armed with accurate knowledge about their conditions, enabling them to make informed decisions. Doctors appreciate the tools for simplifying communication and saving time, ultimately improving the overall quality of consultations.

Looking ahead, SMS is committed to further innovation. The company is expanding into the digital and augmented reality space to elevate engagement levels and facilitate more effective communication between doctors and patients. As SMS’s medical content gains global recognition, the company aims to improve health literacy on a worldwide scale by offering products in global languages and maintaining stringent quality control measures.

Naresh Ahuja’s vision has propelled SMS Scientific Products to the forefront of healthcare communication. Through innovative products and a commitment to quality, SMS is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals and patients communicate, ultimately enhancing healthcare outcomes worldwide.


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